Matt Banks Portraits

After finally setting a date to meet up and braving the (literally) freezing weather, Matt Banks and I ventured into the Cambridge cityscape for a profile portrait shoot at the start of February.

Within minutes he gave me reason to question his sanity, by removing his Parka without prompting in the snow!  It yielded a great result though, the air vents on the side of the residential block were a great backdrop and he successfully looked at least 20 degrees warmer than he was! You’ll be pleased to know that after 5 minutes dressed back up to avoid hypothermia…

Our second location, an underpass near the station, also yielded some great results. Matt took something of a liking to an abandoned shopping trolley which made a great additional prop to his Epiphone acoustic guitar, giving the shots a harder street feel which suits his indie/britpop acoustic stylings superbly. Matt chose a selection of colour and B&W versions of his photos, but my personal preference leant on the B&W processing of his selection as it gave a grittier feel.

My favourites from the shoot are below and are among my favourite portraits I have made to date! Thanks to Matt for being such a good sport!

Band/Musician shoots start from £150, book yours today by emailing


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