Cameron Sanderson Profile Shoot

Following Oxjam last month, Cameron Sanderson and I decided to work together again, this time to create some profile shots to compliment the live ones. We headed over to Harlow Town Park on a rather changeable Saturday morning and created these lovely pictures.

Cameron was easy to work with and his manager, was more than happy to act as a human lightstand for me! Cheers guys, it was a pleasure working with you.




Friday night was amazing, plain and simple. I had the awesome experience of hearing, watching and photographing 6 rocking bands at The Cambridge Junction. If you weren’t there, these incredible acts would have cost you a measly £6 to see (£1 each!), now that’s a bargainacious night out that comes highly recommended from yours truly.

The night featured a mixed bag of styles  from the Punky hooks of Forever After, to the Hardcore Riffs of Fenrir and the haunting sounds of Flux 32. Also featured were Ambury Night, Cambridge’s own The Abstracts and Lost Lungs, an eclectic mix to suit all rock tastes!

In no particular order; below you will find my favourite shots of the night. Enjoy!