Acoustic Fiver, The Cambridge Junction

My first post, one I thought I’d never write as I lacked the guts to push and follow a dream. I have officially photographed a gig, in fact 6 acts in one night at The Cambridge Junction and it was amazing. Not only because the music was great but because I realised that this is really what I want to do and not only that, I am good at it.

With positive feedback from the venue and the bands already under my belt, my little portfolio has now got me in with another venue this week. It’s time I set my sights on more!

I took in the region of 1,600 photos in the 3 hours I was there, of those I whittled it down to 225 and again to 21 for this site. Below are the results of my first professional gig shoot, enjoy and expect more to come soon!


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